Distribution of Industrial Growth in Nagoya Metropolitan Area, Japan: An Exploratory Analysis Using Geographical and Technological Proximities

2016-11-18T10:45:52Z (GMT) by Eri Yamada Tetsu Kawakami

Yamada E. and Kawakami T. Distribution of industrial growth in Nagoya Metropolitan Area, Japan: an exploratory analysis using geographical and technological proximities, Regional Studies. This study explores the spatial pattern of industry dynamics in Japan's motor metropolis of Nagoya. Exploratory spatial data analysis methodologies that reflect aspects of both geographical and technological proximities within regional industries are proposed and applied to the long-term, sustained manufacturing and service sector growth rates. The descriptive results identify the presence of positive multilayered growth clusters, driven mainly by the automobile and associated industries. These growth clusters differ in sectoral composition and geographical scale; the larger specialized growth cluster of transportation equipment encompasses the smaller one composed of diverse manufacturing and service sectors.