Distributed Control System

2018-02-28T19:50:30Z (GMT) by bas janssen
This report is the final report for the FPGA accelerated PID controller, part of the Distributed Control Systems project. This project runs within the Lectoraat Robotics and High Tech Mechatronics of Fontys Hogeschool Engineering Eindhoven. The Lectoraat has the goal to develop applicable knowledge to support education and industry. This knowledge is acquired with projects run in conjunction with the industry. The report will go into detail for the software designed for this project, not the hardware design. This report is intended for follow up students working on the Distributed Control Systems project. Within this report the assumption is made that the reader is at least familiar with the terms EtherCAT, FPGA, Linux and PID controllers. However for each part a small basic introduction is included. For readers looking for the accomplishments in this project, the results are in chapter six. Following are short descriptions of the chapters in this report. The first chapter will give a short introduction to the project. It talks about why the project was conceived, where the project was done and what the expected end result is. The second chapter, the problem definition, talks about how the project has been defined, what is included and what is not and how the customer expects the final product to function and look like. The third chapter details the methodology used during this project. All the research preformed for this project will be described in the forth chapter. This chapter goes into the research into the Xilinx Zynq 7000 chip, Beckhoff's EtherCAT system, how the Serial Peripheral Interface works and how a PID controller functions. Following in chapter five the design is expanded upon. First the toolchain for building for the Zynq chip is explained. This is followed by and explanation of the different software parts that have been designed. Finally chapters six and seven provide the results and the conclusions and recommendations for this project.