Discoveries about the theory of sound: The history of Chladni patterns and their contribution to the field of acoustics

<p></p><p>The descriptions of the wave phenomena require the student to observe carefully and systematically phenomena that allow constructing meanings about concepts such as resonance, wave superposition, interference, diffraction, reflection and harmonics. The objective of this work is to present a brief biography of the Physicist Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni and his contribution to the field of acoustics for the phenomenon of the formation of resonant plates, a subject rarely explored in the Brazilian literature of Physics teaching. The information collected on the history and the discovery of Chladni, were presented in this article from a bibliographical research in books published and reedited in German and English by other researchers. For each published article and books analyzed, a free translation was made in the effort to provide the reader with the historical understanding of Chladni's discovery. In this way, the Chladni Standards, and the history of their discovery, contribute to a learning of classical concepts of physics, relevant to the student's intellectual and scientific formation and / or researcher.</p><p></p>