Digital literacy teachers of the 2nd and 3rd cycles of Viseu (Portugal) County schools

<div><p>ABSTRACT The main objective of this article is to understand how basic school teachers (5th to 9th grades) of the Municipality of Viseu (Portugal) carried out their training on information and communication technologies. This article is part of a larger study conducted in 2012 and 2013. To have a clear picture about the skills in information and communication technologies, we applied a questionnaire and interviews and conducted individual and focused groups using a set of selected teachers. For a longitudinal analysis of the development of these skills over time, we compared the results of this study with previous analyses, particularly with that of Jacinta Paiva, in 2002, and noticed how evolved the indicators are. We concluded that training in information and communication technologies, as a rule, does not appear in initial teacher training and is much carried out by self-training, supported by friends and colleagues and in the framework of training departments. Moreover, it was found that there was significant improvement in the number of teachers who have undergone information and communication technologies training.</p></div>