Digital globalisation and graduate careers: Work-readiness as the new frontier [short version]

2018-02-08T09:00:51Z (GMT) by Ian Herbert Stephanie Lambert
<div>Work-readiness employability</div><div>• Middle-office jobs which provide the formative experience to professional careers are being</div><div>offshored.</div><div>• Employers report that talent-pipelines into mid-level, knowledge-based roles are drying up!</div><div>• Higher education has raised employability levels, but the bar has been raised again. In a</div><div>digitally-connected world, work can be moved to the ‘cheapest place on earth’!</div><div>• Graduates now need to be employable to get the job, and also work-ready to do the job in the</div><div>face of declining graduate training programmes and overseas competition.</div><div>• Universities have an ethical responsibility to ensure that their students can compete in a</div><div>global market and build sustainable careers.</div>