Diastereoselective synthesis of novel 3-aryloxy/alkoxy-4-benzothiazolylpyrazolyl-β-lactams: Potential synthons for novel aminoacids/nanocopolymers

<p>A fast, efficient, and diastereoselective synthesis of novel 3-oxo-4-benzothiazolylpyrazolyl-β-lactams is described. The reaction between 2-aryloxy/alkoxyacetic acid and novel benzothiazolylpyrazole-substituted imines afforded exclusive formation of <i>trans</i>-β-lactams. The scope of the reaction was investigated by varying different groups on substrates (R<sup>1</sup>, R<sup>2</sup>, R<sup>3</sup>, Z). All the novel compounds were characterized using various spectroscopic techniques such as FT-IR, <sup>1</sup>H NMR, <sup>13</sup>C NMR, elemental analysis, and mass spectrometry in representative cases. No report has been listed in the literature for the synthesis of these types of β-lactam heterocycles so far.</p>