DiR hotspots in DiR-MSCexos infused animals co-localize with CD63 exosome marker.

A-E: Representative region of a contused spinal cord 24 hours after DiR MSCexos (cyan) infusion stained with antibodies directed against OX42 (green) and the tetraspanin CD63 (red), and counterstained with DAPI (blue) (A) or DiR fluorescence only (cyan). Images show all wavelengths (A), OX42 & CD63 (B), OX42 & DiR (C), CD63 & DiR (D), DiR only (E). A1-E1: enlarged and rotated sections of boxed regions shown in A-E. Images below B1, C1, and D1 respectively show full 90 degree rotations of boxed regions showing CD63, DiR, and CD63 & DiR fluorescence. Note the strong co-localization between DiR fluorescence and CD63 staining. Scale bar in E = 20 μm E1 = 10 μm.