Development of an efficient high-performance thin layer chromatography method for determination of jasmonic acid in leaf tissue of <i>Stevia rebaudiana</i> (Bertoni) Bertoni

<p>Determination of endogenous levels of jasmonic acid (JA) is essential, as it plays a pivotal role in the physiological processes during a plant’s life cycle. A high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC) method was developed for the detection and quantification of JA in leaf extracts of medicinal plant, <i>Stevia rebaudiana</i> (Bertoni) Bertoni<i>.</i> The separation was achieved using the solvents ethyl acetate–benzene (1:1, v/v) as the mobile phase, followed by scanning and quantification at 295 nm. Densitometric analysis of leaf extract resulted in compact spots for JA at <i>R</i><sub>f</sub> = 0.45 ± 0.02. The linear regression analysis showed good relationship with r value. The recovery rate of JA indicated good reproducibility and repeatability of the assay. The statistical analysis proved the reproducibility of the method; therefore, it can be employed for routine quantification of JA in different tissue samples of <i>S. rebaudiana</i> and may also be extrapolated to other biological samples.</p>