Developing composite nanofibre fabrics using electrospinning, ultrasonic sewing, and laser cutting technologies

In this study, we combine Nylon 6 nanomembranes with tulle and organza fashion fabrics to construct a full-scale, flying kite. For the first time, this work demonstrates the processing of electrospun nanofabrics using laser cut and ultrasonic technologies. The composite fabrics were analysed for their morphological and mechanical properties. Micrographs show the nanofibres are about 129 nm in diameter and the fashion fabrics have yarn diameters greater than 40 µm. The nanofibres were at least 300 times smaller than the individual fibres in the fashion fabrics and successfully joined with non-puncturing ultrasonic seaming. The fracture strain of the nanomembrane–tulle composites increased 58–171% compared to the control samples due to nanofibre entanglements on the open weave structure of tulle. The ultrasonic sewn fabric regions endured 169% greater applied stress with the addition of the organza fabric and the seaming process compared to the nanomembrane–tulle composite. The burst strength of the composites compared to the controls did not change. The integration of these technologies allows us to manufacture nanofibres with everday textiles to fit many potential applications and uses. The provided supplementary video shows the assembly process and flying of the kite as proof-of-concept.