Design and Development of Corrosion-Resistant Light-weight High Entropy Alloys

2017-11-15T05:16:21Z (GMT) by YAO QIU
In the literature to date, there is a lack of studies regarding corrosion performance of HEAs. In this thesis, a primitive galvanic series for numerous HEAs, along with a broad survey of results typifying their electrochemical characteristics, passivity and comparative electrochemistry is presented. A survey of the literature also exposed a gap in the area of light-weight HEAs. a single-phase, novel and light-weight AlTiVCr alloy was designed based on empirical rules, and characterised using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), atom probe tomography (APT) and first principle calculations. Furthermore, the electrochemical response of AlTiVCr was extensively studied, revealing excellent corrosion resistance in 0.6 M NaCl.