Dependency of VAEI-induced DC maturation on mistletoe lectins.

Dendritic cells derived from CD14+ monocytes were cultured in medium alone (DC) or supplemented with VAEI (DC + VAEI; Iscador® Qu Spez; 0.5 μg/ml), ML-depleted VAEI (DC + VAEI-ML; Iscador®; 0.66 μg/ml) or VAEI and anti-ML antibody (DC + VAEI + aML-Ab). DC maturation was assessed by flow cytometric analysis of CD83 (A), CD86 (B) and HLA-DR (C) expression. MFI = Mean fluorescence intensity. Data and mean of 13 (DC + VAEI; CD83 and CD86), 3 (DC + VAEI-ML and DC + VAEI + aML-Ab; CD83 and CD86) or 5 (HLA-DR) individual experiments are represented in relation to untreated cells (DC = 100%) or VAEI-treated DC (DC + VAEI = 100%). Asterisks indicate significant differences between the groups (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001).