Dentin reactions detected from SM and PLMQ

2014-01-17T08:37:32Z (GMT) by Frederico Barbosa de Sousa
<p>Data file 1: Radiopacity versus translucency of dentin</p> <p>This file contains normalized data on translucency and radiopacity of histological sites from five ground sections.</p> <p> </p> <p>Data file 2: SW, SD, NFNBC, NFBC, FBC and PLMQ scores per histological site</p> <p>ICDAS scores for each carious lesion and the SW, SD, NFNBC, NFBC, FBC, and PLMQ scores for each histological site of each ground section. Codes for SM scores: 1 (normal), 2 (carious), and 3 (translucent). Codes for MR scores: 1 (normal), 2 (demineralised), and 3 (hypermineralized). Codes for PLMQ scores: 1 (positive birefringence) and 2 (negative birefringence).</p>