Demonstration of microinjection with anesthetized Siberian sturgeon prolarvae.

2018-12-31T19:01:43Z (GMT) by Eun Jeong Kim Yoon Kwon Nam

Prolarvae at Day 0/Day1, Day 2, and Day 3 (N = 60 per day) were immobilized with MS-222 at 200 mg/L and microinjected with methylene blue dye at 0.5 mg/L. Post-operative survival for up to 120 h of injected prolarvae in comparison with groups receiving anesthesia but no injection or no anesthesia/no injection controls showed no significant difference among groups. A representative photograph of Day 3 prolarva showing the successful delivery of the dye through microinjection is also shown (AY, anterior part of yolk sac; PY, posterior part of yolk sac; and PP, pigment plug; injection site boxed).