Degree of magnetic anisotropy as a strain intensity gauge in ferromagnetic granites

<p>Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data for a ferromagnetic granite (Godhra Granite, NW India) are presented and it is shown that the degree of magnetic anisotropy (<strong><em>P</em></strong>′) is not controlled by the mean susceptibility (<strong><em>K</em></strong><sub>m</sub>). Analyses carried out across a high-strain zone lying between granite and adjacent gneiss show that <strong><em>P</em></strong>′ values are highest in samples that lie close to the contact and decrease away from it. Based on these results it is concluded that if <strong><em>P</em></strong>′ is not controlled by <strong><em>K</em></strong><sub>m</sub>, then the former can be used to gauge strain-intensity variations in ferromagnetic granites. </p>