Dataset for Erratum of Finet et al. 2011

2012-09-16T16:34:29Z (GMT) by Ferdinand Marlétaz Cédric Finet
<p>This fileset includes several datasets accompanying the erratum referring to Finet et al. 2011. </p> <p>1) <strong>N-makers-filtered.tre.gz</strong> contains the bunch of trees independently obtained for each of the 77 ribosomal protein (RP)  alignment using RAxML and a LG+gamma model (editable with figtree*). </p> <p>2)<strong> indep_markers.tgz</strong> includes the correspondent 77 RP alignments employed to reconstruct corresponding tree in phylip format. </p> <p>3)<strong> N0503+C.phy.gz</strong> is the concatenated alignement of 77 RPs for 77 taxa employed for phylogenetic reconstruction. </p> <p>4) <strong>N0503+C.raxml_lg+gam.tre.gz </strong>is the ML tree reconstructed for this dataset using RAxML with LG+gam model</p> <p>5) <strong></strong> is the bayesian tree reconstructed for this dataset using Phylobayes with CAT+gam model. </p> <p>* all trees or tree sets have been formatted to be viewed with figtree (downloadable with <a href=""></a>) </p>