Dataset for ESA2014 talk titles scored for creativity

2014-08-10T05:02:15Z (GMT) by Christopher Lortie
<p>Dataset for ESA2014 ignite talk on scientific research summary on creativity.</p> <p>Abstract</p> <p>Popular media is saturated with novel advertisements and communications, but these hooks are often decoupled entirely from the benefit or use of the products altogether. Creative ideas are those that are both novel and useful. Divergent thinking, rewards, large teams, and formal training are the salient elements promoting creativity.<br>Context, experimentation, and answers to questions from others are the most effective creativity tools for education. Collectively, creativity research suggests that effective scientific communication must blend the divergent solutions that science provides to pressing global issues with the context that matters to the public. Scientists must also be rewarded.</p> <p>Dataset contrast all ignite sessions to an equivalent number of contributed oral session presentation titles.</p>