Data from: "Sequential phenotypic constraints on social information use"

<b>Data from: "Sequential phenotypic constraints on social information use" </b><div><br></div><div><u>Order of Acquisition Diffusion Analysis "OADA data.xlsx"</u><div>Experiment: Number indicating the experiment</div><div>Troop: the study troop (either J or L)</div><div>Date: the date the diffusion took place</div><div>Individual: the individual member of the troop</div><div>Acquired, Applied, Exploited: whether or not information acquisition, application or exploitation occurred for that individual (1) or not (0). Note that all individuals acquired information (either personally or socially).</div><div>acqOrder: the acquisition order for the particular experiment number</div><div>ties: whether the individual acquired information at the same time as the individual before them</div></div><div><br></div><div><u>Attributes "attributes.txt":</u></div><div>The individual level variables of the baboons in the analyses.</div><div>BaboonID: the baboon ID</div><div>troop: the troop of the baboon</div><div>boldness: the time (s) spent investigating the novel food in 2014</div><div>sex: the sex of the baboon (M/F)</div><div>relativeRank: the relative rank of the baboon</div><div>age: the age (in years) of the baboon</div><div><br></div><div><u>Social information data "information.txt":</u></div><div>A count of the number of times the indicated baboon (baboonID) acquired (infoAcquired), applied (infoApplied) and exploited (infoExploited) social information </div><div><br></div><div><u>Network data:</u></div><div>Xtroop_dominance: a NxN matrix of directed dominance interactions by indicated troop</div><div>Xtroop_groom: a NxN matrix of directed grooming interactions by indicated troop</div><div>Xtroop_groupXind_5m chain: a NxK matrix of group memberships by the 5 m chain rule for the indicated troop</div><div>Xtroop_groupXind_10m: a NxK matrix of group memberships by the 10 m rule for the indicated troop</div><div>Xtroop_groupXind_NN: a NxK matrix of group memberships by the nearest neighbour rule for the indicated troop</div>