Data from: Fire and plant diversity at the global scale

2017-04-30T08:07:24Z (GMT) by Juli G. Pausas
Data and maps from:<br>Pausas J.G. & Ribeiro E. (2017). Fire and plant diversity at the global scale. <i>Global Ecology and Biogeogragphy</i> doi: 10.1111/geb.12596<br>There are 3 files:<br>1) A .csv file with the data for each ecoregion, including biome, diversity, mean NDVI mean, spatial variability of NDVI, temporal variability of NDVI, fire activity, radiative power, and seasonality in temperature.<br>2) A .zip file with the global maps of fire activity and plant diversity (for each ecoregion) in shape (GIS) format.<br>3) A .jpg file (image) with the same maps as 2). It corresponds to Fig. 1 of the paper.<br><br>