Data for: "Single-Cell Analysis of Event Time Correlations in Nanoparticle-Induced Cell Death"

<p>Data for a publication to be added.</p> <p>The file <code></code> contains data measured with A549 cells, and the file <code></code> contains data measured with Huh7 cells. Both files have the same structure.</p> <p>Each file contains the directories <code>Raw</code> and <code>Fitted</code> as well as a checksum file. The <code>Raw</code> directory contains single-cell fluorescence time courses as obtained by time-lapse microscopy. The <code>Fitted</code> directory contains the results of fitting model functions as well as properties of identified events, such as event times. The checksum file contains SHA256 checksums of all files within these directories and can be used to check file integrity.</p> <p>Both directories contain measurement directories. Each measurement directory contains the data corresponding to one experiment. The name of the measurement directory is the measurement identifier.</p> <p>Each measurement directory contains condition directories. Each condition directory contains data corresponding to one condition measured in the measurement and is named after the condition.</p> <p>Each condition directory contains marker directories. They are named after the fluorescence markers measured and contain files with single-cell data corresponding to the respective markers.</p> <p>The names of those files consist of multiple parts separated by underscores.</p> <p>The first two parts identify a position of the microscope. Since pairs of markers were measured, each position is present in two marker directories.</p> <p>The third part is the measurement identifier. The other parts will be described below.</p> <p><em>Description to be continued.</em></p>