Data for GxE analyses

2015-08-11T18:46:06Z (GMT) by Audrey Bourret Dany Garant
Data used for GxE analyses, where each line represented a reproductive event within a nest box. Columns included year (YEAR), female identity (ID.F) and its age (AGE.F; SY=second-year, ASY=after second-year), male identity (ID.M), density of breeders (DENSITY; % of occupied nest boxes), altitude (ALT; meters), latitude and longitude (LAT, LONG; decimal degrees), May temperature (TEMP.LD; Celcius degrees), April temperature (Celcius degree), laying date (LD; julian days), incubation duration (INC; days), and sum of alleles at the four studied loci for females (CLOCK.SUM.F, ADCYAP.SUM.F, CREB.SUM.F, NPAS.SUM.F) and males (CLOCK.SUM.M, ADCYAP.SUM.M, CREB.SUM.M, NPAS.SUM.M).