Data, analyses and simulations

2019-06-18T17:41:11Z (GMT) by Daniel S. Caetano Jeremy M. Beaulieu
This is the repository for our publication "Comparative analyses of phenotypic sequences using phylogenetic trees". This large '.zip' file contains several directories will all scripts and data for our manuscript. The repository is divided into directories with the correspondent information and data.

/data: Has the song sequences in raw format and time rescaled formats. Also, divided in complete sequences (the 5s recording interval) and song bouts. See main text and supplementary material for more information.

/empirical_analysis: Has the scripts and results for the sequence alignment and model fit to the data. These are subdivided into treatments following the same rationale described on the manuscript.

/phylogeny: Has the molecular alignment, BEAST xml files and the MCC tree used in this study.

/r_package_source_file: The source file with the R package used for model fit.

/simulations: The scripts and results for simulations.

/tutorial_analyses: An script showing how to use the resources of the R package.