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posted on 30.12.2016 by Pernille Frederiksen
This data is derived from a larger data set from a cluster randomized controlled trial conducted in Denmark between 2012 and 2014. The trial population was Danish Publically Employed workers mainly doing manual work. They were randomized to two groups: an intervention-group receiving two talks on the here-and-now scientific knowledge on back pain; its causes, its prognosis, common myths, the perspective of treatment and the significance of the individual's beliefs and behaviour on the way to recovery.
The trial tested information based on the 'functional-disturbance'-model proposed by Aage Indahl (PhD thesis from 1999) which explains most cases of low back pain (and back pain in general) as the result of a temporary muscular disturbance with a good prognosis as long as it is handled correctly by the individual. A range of other studies have included the model previously - all with Mr. Indahl as co-author on the publication.