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Supporting Information: AT1R biased signaling by cyclic Angiotensin II analogs (St-Pierre et al., Biochem Pharmacol, 2018)

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posted on 21.04.2018 by David St-Pierre, Jérôme Cabana, Brian J. Holleran, Élie Besserer-Offroy, Emanuel Escher, Gaétan Guillemette, Pierre Lavigne, Richard Leduc
Supporting Information of the following article:
David St-Pierre, et al. Angiotensin II cyclic analogs as tools to investigate AT1R biased signaling mechanisms. Biochemical Pharmacology. Available online 20 April 2018.
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Structure of compounds
UPLC-MS and MS spectra of compounds


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) [grant MOP-136770]