DTA/06-2011 - Marine Research at CNR - 2 - Marine Geology

2016-03-29T09:46:19Z (GMT) by CNR DTA - Dipartimento Terra e Ambiente
The present collection of articles, edited by the Department of Earth and Environment - National Research Council (DTA-CNR) of Italy, represents the different research activities and technologies developments carried out by CNR in the field of marine environment and its resources.
Marine Research is a challenging field whose issues are tackled by expertise coming from different research sectors and with an overarching perspective. The main coordinating initiative at national level today is the RITMARE Flagship Programme, The Italian research for the sea, led by CNR and bringing together the experience of a wide audience of national stakeholders and research performing organizations.
In this framework, the effort by DTA-CNR in spreading, transferring and improving marine research activities, is actually summarized in this milestone publication. The initial idea is due to Giuseppe Cavarretta, to whom I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for the initiative.
Marine Research at CNR shows the potential of the DTA-CNR´s research network with activities ranging from marine biology to observational and operational oceanography, from Mediterranean Sea to the Arctic and Antarctic Seas, from technology engineering to policy support.
Articles published in this book have been revised by a selected group of referees and are organized in eight different themes: Fishery and Sea Resources, Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Ecology, Marine Geology, Observing Systems and Forecasting, Oceanography, Risks and Technologies.



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