DNN Classifier of Wide-angle Retinal Images in Computer-Aided Screening for ROP

2018-06-05T16:20:57Z (GMT) by Yinsheng Zhang
This repository contains the following files:

1. data set preview.png

A preview of the data set. This is a snapshot of the resized (80x60) version of the training & test data set.
The original image data set are not provided, due to patient privacy protection and hospital IRB regulations.

2. Training Set Thumbnails.zip

The training dataset includes:
Class I (with disease): 8089
Class II (without disease): 9711

3. Test Set Thumbnails.zip

The test training dataset includes:
Class I (with disease): 155
Class II (without disease): 1587

4. DNNs.zip

This zip file contains 3 subfolders: AlexNet, GoogLeNet, VGG16.
Each subfolder further includes:
Model definition graph
Two trained models in the Caffe format. One is trained "from scratch" and the other "by transfer learning".
P-R curve
ROC curve
Softmax output probabilities on the test data set

5. HumanExpertsPerformance.zip

The five pediatric ophthalmologists' diagnoses on the test data set
DNN performance measures
DNN vs Human P-R curve
DNN vs Human ROC curve

6. scripts.zip

Scripts used in this study for batch inference and data analysis.