DMAOnline - Phase two report

2015-12-09T23:07:45Z (GMT) by Masud Khokhar Hardy Schwamm John Krug
This report is divided into three sections, each of which provide a valuable insight into the work we have undertaken as part of the Jisc funded DMAOnline project. Part I of the report focuses on the rationale behind DMAOnline and highlights the use cases we have worked on in the first and the second phases of the project. Part I of report is kept short and we encourage you to review phase one report ( for further information. Part II of the report focuses on the key features of DMAOnline and the architecture of the product. It focuses on reasons for separation between the front-end and the back-end layers and how this helps institutions adopt DMAOnline successfully. This section also provides multiple screenshots to showcase what DMAOnline has to offer to the end users, both visually and functionally. Part III of the report focuses on our active collaborations and the outcomes that are expected from these collaborations. This is of high importance for two reasons: 1) Collaboration with system vendors help us achieve interoperability in a sustainable fashion 2) Collaboration with HE institutions help us incorporate their input into our development process, delivering a product that satisfies user needs and is successful. Part III of the report highlights what we want to achieve in the third phase of the project. We also look at the long-term sustainability and the future potential of DMAOnline, especially in the light of the upcoming Jisc Research Data Management Shared Service architecture. The authors believe that DMAOnline has reached a state where, with additional effort, it can be delivered as a national service.