DMAOnline - Phase I report

2015-07-14T10:26:58Z (GMT) by Masud Khokhar Hardy Schwamm John Krug

This report highlights the progress that we have made in the first phase of the Jisc funded Data Management Administration Online (DMAOnline) project. Phase I of the project started from 10th of May 2015 till the 13th of July 2015.

DMAOnline is being developed to cover the needs of various stakeholders by bringing research data together from a variety of sources and systems. It provides data at the right time to the right set of people, providing them with information on compliance monitoring, key intervention points to enhance their compliance, develop new or on-going business case development (e.g. procurement of storage infrastructure), and to help them provide support services at the point of need. DMAOnline has received positive feedback both nationally and internationally, with a set of early adopters and beta testers already in place. A strong API model and sustainability/scalability considerations built in the dashboard allow us to move this into a national shared SaaS/cloud based service quickly.