DFT study of the reaction between DBU, CO2 and (R)-1,3-butanediol to form cyclic carbonate (R)-4-Methyl-[1,3]-dioxan-2-one

2015-03-12T13:30:48Z (GMT) by Antoine Buchard
<p>Article title:</p> <p>Synthesis of 6-membered cyclic carbonates from 1,3-diols and low CO2 pressure : a novel mild strategy to replace phosgene reagents</p> <p>Authors:</p> <p>Georgina Gregory, Marion Ulmann and Antoine Buchard*</p> <p>DFT study: Optimised structures of local minima and transition states from the potential energy surface of the reaction between DBU, CO2 and (R)-1,3-butanediol.</p> <p>Protocol: rωb97xD/6-31+g(d)/ SCRF=(cpcm,solvent= methanol)</p> <p>Content: Potential Energy Surface diagram and Gaussian09 rev A.02 output files</p>