D2O Adapted Yeast Colony Morphology

2012-11-15T21:32:54Z (GMT) by Anthony Salvagno
<p>This fileset contains ALL the raw images and final composite images of yeast colonies grown on differing solid media. There were 4 samples in total:</p> <p>D2O adapted yeast grown on D2O YPD agar.</p> <p>D2O adapted yeast grown on normal (DI water) YPD agar.</p> <p>WT yeast grown on D2O YPD agar.</p> <p>WT yeast grown on normal YPD agar.</p> <p>All yeast was grown at 30C for 24. Colonies of wt yeast on D2O YPD agar were not developed enough for analysis. The file "yeast-colony-comparison.png" contains the comparison of 4 samples. 2 colonies come from the same sample and exhibit slightly different morphologies. The images are 1um/px and were acquired at a magnification at 10x.</p> <p> </p>