Cytotoxicity of new secondary metabolites, fatty acids and tocols composition of seeds of Ducrosia anethifolia (DC.) Boiss

Two new monoterpene Ducrosin A (1) and sesquiterpene Ducrosin B (2) were isolated along with three known compounds, stigmasterol (3) and two furanocoumarins (4 and 5), from the dichloromethane extract of the seeds of Ducrosia anethifolia (DC.) Boiss. Their structures were determined using extensive 1D and 2D NMR, (ES)-HRMS and IR spectroscopic analyses and by comparison with literature data. Gas chromatography analysis of the fatty acids (FAs) of D. anethifolia seed oils (DAOs) showed high percentages of elaidic acid (C18:1 Δ9t) 65% and oleic acid (C18:1 Δ9c) 15%. The total tocopherol (tocols) content in DAOs was found to be 164 mg/100 g. The cytotoxic effect of the isolates was also evaluated using the MTT assay against the HCT-116 and SKOV-3 cell lines. The results showed that compound 2 was the most cytotoxic agent followed by compounds 1 and 4, which has an epoxide moiety that most likely contributes to its activity.