Cytotoxicity of new secondary metabolites, fatty acids and tocols composition of seeds of <i>Ducrosia anethifolia</i> (DC.) Boiss

<p>Two new monoterpene Ducrosin A (<b>1</b>) and sesquiterpene Ducrosin B (<b>2</b>) were isolated along with three known compounds, stigmasterol (<b>3</b>) and two furanocoumarins (<b>4</b> and <b>5</b>), from the dichloromethane extract of the seeds of <i>Ducrosia anethifolia</i> (DC.) Boiss. Their structures were determined using extensive 1D and 2D NMR, (ES)-HRMS and IR spectroscopic analyses and by comparison with literature data. Gas chromatography analysis of the fatty acids (FAs) of <i>D. anethifolia</i> seed oils (DAOs) showed high percentages of elaidic acid (C18:1 Δ9<i>t</i>) 65% and oleic acid (C18:1 Δ9<i>c</i>) 15%. The total tocopherol (tocols) content in DAOs was found to be 164 mg/100 g. The cytotoxic effect of the isolates was also evaluated using the MTT assay against the HCT-116 and SKOV-3 cell lines. The results showed that compound <b>2</b> was the most cytotoxic agent followed by compounds <b>1</b> and <b>4</b>, which has an epoxide moiety that most likely contributes to its activity.</p>