Cylindrical NIR-Responsive Metallopolymer Containing Möbius Metalla-aromatics

Metalla-aromatic complexes are very stable and excellent light-absorbing compounds, owing to their highly conjugated frameworks. The metallopolymers containing metalla-aromatic substructures consist of a new type of functional polymer, because they exhibit characteristics of both metalla-aromatic and polymeric units. Herein, we reported a corn-like cylindrical metallopolymer, prepared from the controlled polymerization of <i>N</i>-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) by a polyrotaxane-based macroinitiator, followed by postpolymerization modification with a photothermal metalla-aromatic complex. The corn-like shape of this metallopolymer was confirmed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Combining the photothermal effect of the metalla-aromatic unit and the thermosensitive property of PNIPAM, the corn-like metallopolymer exhibits a NIR-responsive behavior and represents a new smart material.