COCI N-Triples dataset of the provenance information of all the citation data

2018-11-19T13:24:14Z (GMT) by OpenCitations ​
This dataset contains the provenance information (in N-Triples format) of all the citation data included in COCI, released on the 12th of November 2018. In particular, any citation in the dataset includes the following provenance information:
  • [citation IRI] the Open Citation Identifier (OCI) for the citation, defined in the final part of the URL identifying the citation ([OCI]);;
  • [property "prov:wasAttributedTo"] the IRI of the agent that have created the citation data;
  • [property "prov:hadPrimarySource"] the IRI of the source dataset from where the citation data have been extracted;
  • [property "prov:generatedAtTime"] the creation time of the citation data.
The size of the zipped archive is 11 GB, while the size of the unzipped N-Triples file is 292 GB.

Additional information about COCI can be retrieved in the official webpage and in the introductory blog post in the OpenCitations blog.