COCI CSV dataset of all the citation data

2018-07-13T22:10:34Z (GMT) by OpenCitations ​
This dataset contains all the citation data (in CSV format) included in COCI, released on the 4th of July 2018. In particular, each line of the CSV file defines a citation, and includes the following information:
  • [field "oci"] the Open Citation Identifier (OCI) for the citation;
  • [field "citing"] the DOI of the citing entity;
  • [field "cited"] the DOI of the cited entity;
  • [field "creation"] the creation date of the citation (i.e. the publication date of the citing entity);
  • [field "timespan"] the time span of the citation (i.e. the interval between the publication date of the cited entity and the publication date of the citing entity).
This version of the dataset contains:
  • 316,243,802 citations;
  • 45,145,889 bibliographic resources.
The size of the zipped archive is 8.2 GB, while the size of the unzipped CSV file is 49 GB.

Additional information about COCI can be retrieved in the official webpage and in the introductory blog post in the OpenCitations blog.