COCI CSV dataset of all the citation data

2018-07-13T22:10:34Z (GMT) by OpenCitations ​
<div>This dataset contains all the citation data (in CSV format) included in COCI, released on the 4th of July 2018. In particular, each line of the CSV file defines a citation, and includes the following information:</div><div><ul><li><b>[field "oci"]</b> the Open Citation Identifier (OCI) for the citation;</li><li><b>[field "citing"]</b> the DOI of the citing entity;</li><li><b>[field "cited"]</b> the DOI of the cited entity;</li><li><b>[field "creation"]</b> the creation date of the citation (i.e. the publication date of the citing entity);</li><li><b>[field "timespan"]</b> the time span of the citation (i.e. the interval between the publication date of the cited entity and the publication date of the citing entity).</li></ul></div><div>This version of the dataset contains:<br><ul><li>316,243,802 citations;</li><li>45,145,889 bibliographic resources.</li></ul></div><div>The size of the zipped archive is 8.2 GB, while the size of the unzipped CSV file is 49 GB.</div><div><br></div><div>Additional information about COCI can be retrieved in the <a href="">official webpage</a> and in the <a href="">introductory blog post</a> in the OpenCitations blog.<br></div>