Critical current characterisation of Nexans Bi-2212 superconducting wire

2016-08-26T03:02:01Z (GMT) by Stuart Wimbush Nick Strickland
<div>Detailed measurements of the critical current of a Bi-2212 wire as a function of temperature, magnetic field, and field angle, performed at the Robinson Research Institute of Victoria University of Wellington.</div><div><br></div><div>This wire is described in C.-E. Bruzek, N. Lallouet, E. Flahaut, D. Bourgault, J.-M. Saugrain, A. Allais, S. Arsac, J. Bock, J. Ehrenberg, D. E. Wesolowski and M. O. Rikel, <i>High-performance Bi2212/Ag tape produced at NEXANS</i>, Proceedings of the European Conference on Applied Superconductivity 2003, IOP Conf. Ser. 181 (2004) 2260.</div>