Cotesia vestalis SNP information and sequences

From our list of putative SNPs across the C. vestalis genome, we selected 100 SNPs for genotyping assay development. We first selected the 200 largest scaffolds; they varied in length from 17-58Kb and contained a total of 7,878 SNPs. We then removed SNPs with a minor allele frequency (MAF) <0.2, SNPs that had another SNP within 50 bp up- or downstream, and SNPs with more than 2 alleles. The remaining SNPs were binned in MAF bins of 0.2-0.3 (1,908 SNPs), 0.3-0.4 (1,605 SNPs) and 0.4-0.5 (1,156 SNPs). Per MAF bin, SNPs were ranked by SNP quality score. We then selected the SNPs with the highest quality scores, picking 20 SNPs with a MAF between 0.2-0.3 and 40 each with a MAF between 0.3-0.4 and 0.4-0.5, all on different scaffolds. All selected SNPs had a quality score of more than 200 (based on SAMTOOLS), and an average read depth of 61. High-throughput genotyping assays based on allele-specific forward primers were developed for these 100 SNP sequences at KBioscience (now LGC Genomics, Hoddesdon, U.K.).