Correlation between satisfaction aspects and the work of speech therapists of a hearing health care network

<div><p>ABSTRACT Purpose: to correlate aspects involved in the satisfaction of speech therapists with the work in the Hearing Health Care Network regarding human resources policy, provided assistance and communication relationships. Methods: an analytical observational cross-sectional study, consisting of 27 speech therapists connected to the Hearing Health Care Network. A structured questionnaire was used as the collection instrument. A descriptive analysis of the frequency distribution of all categorical variables and analysis of the measures of central tendency and of dispersion of the continuous variables were made. The Spearman correlation coefficient was used for the correlation analysis. Results: the analysis revealed a positive correlation with statistical significance of moderate magnitude between the following items: “human resources policy" and "wage policy," "performance perspective" and "communication"; "activities performed" and "physical space", "wage policy", "performance perspective" and "work routine"; "agenda" and "physical space" and "work routine". Conclusion: the study showed the influence of the human resources policy, the assistance provided and the communicative relations in the satisfaction with the job of Speech Therapists of a Hearing Health Care Network. In addition, it presented advances in analyzing a poorly addressed network.</p></div>