Correlation analysis in the human hypothalamus.

<p>(A-G) Pearson correlations for hypothalamic gene expression among 96 postmortem human samples obtained from the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project [<a href="" target="_blank">39</a>]. All the Pearson’s <i>r</i> and <i>P</i> values were calculated between 2 genes, and displayed in the graphs or tables after sorting by <i>r</i> values. Correlation expression profiles are shown for gene pairs <i>Pro-melanin concentrating hormone</i> (<i>PMCH</i>) versus <i>LEF1</i> (A), <i>Corticotropin-releasing hormone binding protein</i> (<i>CRHBP</i>) versus <i>LEF1</i> (B), <i>CRHBP</i> versus <i>PMCH</i> (F), and <i>Agouti-related protein</i> (<i>AGRP</i>) versus <i>Neuropeptide Y</i> (<i>NPY</i>) (G), with reads per kilobase of transcript per million mapped reads (RPKM) at log<sub>10</sub> scale used on both axes. Note that 1 data point (<i>NPY</i>: 0.1395; <i>AGRP</i>: 0) was not included in (G) due to the inability of plotting a 0 value on the logarithmic axis. Three tables of correlated genes for <i>LEF1</i> (C), <i>CRHBP</i> (D), and <i>PMCH</i> (E) list the top 9 positively correlated genes plus selected genes, including those involved in canonical Wnt signaling labeled in red. See the full list in <a href="" target="_blank">S8 Table</a>.</p>