Continuous Delivery to Deliver Organization Value

2016-04-02T16:54:41Z (GMT) by Allan Espinosa
<p>Software systems are essential to every organization to effectively deliver its<br>value. From small startups to large enterprises and governments, it is an<br>enabler to gain competitive advantage and render essential services to its<br>constituents. However, development process have been the main focus of most<br>software professionals. Little attention is given to the test and delivery<br>process. This decreases the effective value delivered by software. Delivery and<br>release dates gets delayed, and the value of software features is lost by the<br>time it reaches customers.</p> <p>I will give an overview of test-driven development, a software engineering<br>technique designed to reduce the feedback loop of delivering high quality<br>software. Next, I show how this extends to the entire software engineering<br>practice by expanding the scope to teams with practices in continuous delivery.<br>Last, I will share how the U.K. Digital Services achieved delivering software<br>with high quality, low cost and fast release cycles from their original<br>situation.</p>