Construction of Two-Level Nonregular Designs of Strength Three With Large Run Sizes

2018-08-20T18:22:58Z (GMT) by Alan R. Vazquez Hongquan Xu
<p>Two-level orthogonal arrays of strength 3 permit the study of the main effects and the two-factor interactions of the experimental factors. These arrays are classified into regular and nonregular designs. Good regular designs are available in the literature for large run sizes that are a power of 2. In contrast, good nonregular designs, which have run sizes that are multiples of 8 and are more flexible alternatives to regular designs, are not available for large numbers of runs because their construction is challenging. In this paper, we introduce a collection of strength-3 nonregular designs with large run sizes that, to the best of our knowledge, have not been explored before in the design literature. Using theoretical results and algorithmic approaches, we construct nonregular designs with up to 1280 runs. Our designs fill the gaps between the available strength-3 designs with large run sizes and outperform many comparably-sized benchmark designs in terms of the aliasing among the two-factor interactions. We show the applicability of our collection of strength-3 designs using an infrared sensor experiment. Supplementary materials for this paper are available online.</p>