Constraining Exoplanet Characteristics with Asteroseismology

2015-08-03T10:36:36Z (GMT) by Tim Lichtenberg
<p>In this thesis, I study the precision of exoplanetary characteristics, in particular their masses and radii, by using different methods. I highlight the supposed improvements provided by asteroseismic studies.</p> <p>To calculate the exoplanetary parameters, I use five different calculation meth- ods for the model systems Kepler-10, 21 and 22. The distinctions are set in the computation of the required stellar parameters.</p> <p>I show that the precision increases with the use of asteroseismology, though only asteroseismic modeling improves the exoplanet parameters significantly. Other methods used in this thesis refine the accuracy only under certain conditions.</p> <p>At last I give a short prospect on future possibilities with planned space missions.</p> <p> </p>