Conservation status and future perspectives of the forest communities of Tilio platyphyllis-Acerion pseudoplatani Klika 1955 alliance in the Sudetes and their foothills

<p>The paper presents the results of monitoring of conservation status and future prospects of the forest communities of Tilio platyphyllis-Acerion pseudoplatani Klika 1955 alliance. Habitat assessment was conducted in 2006-2008 in the Sudetes and their foothills (SW. Poland). The condition of each habitat site was assessed using four parameters: area covered by the community, typical structure and functions, future prospects and global assessment. In all, 85 sites were assessed, 69 with basic monitoring and 16 with detailed monitoring. The basic monitoring showed that the analysed communities in the Wałbrzych-Bolków Foothills, the Złote Mts, the Wałbrzych Mts and the Nysa Kłodzka River Valley were in good condition, with proper conservation status and prospects, as opposed to the communities in the Izera Foothills, the Kaczawa Mts, the Kaczawa Foothills, the Bialskie Mts, the Śnieżnik Massiff and the Kamienne Mts. Application of detailed phytosociological methods and transect analysis during the detailed monitoring caused a decrease in the assessed state value. Conservation status and prospects were estimated as bad for the investigated communities in the Bialskie Mts and the Śnieżnik Massiff and as unfavourable for communities in the Nysa Kłodzka River Valley and the Bardo Mts.</p>