Connecting Through Consilience: Ecology, Society, Culture and Technology

2015-10-05T02:08:31Z (GMT) by Alexander Hayes Ruth Mirams


Amongst linguistic, cultural and geographic diversity, humanity is characterised by inquisitiveness, communication and a deep desire to connect with each other. Despite our advanced intelligence and technological capacity, we are creatures of nature - a species which occupies a habitat, depends on consumable resources and fragile in many ways. As a species, we currently face challenges including overpopulation, diminishing resources and habitat degradation. In essence, we are exhausting the resources we depend on. [1]

Resource depletion, disruption, famine, growth and sustainability are all observable in other species and natural systems. Human societies and systems can be described through the same scaling rules that apply to systems in nature. [2] Therefore, it is important that we look to natural systems to understand ourselves as we face these challenges.