Conidial fungi associated with leaf litter of red cedar (Cedrela odorata) in Belém, Pará (eastern Brazilian Amazon)

<div><p>ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to investigate the species of conidial fungi associated with leaf litter of Cedrela odorata (Meliaceae), an endangered red cedar species typical of Amazonian terra-firme forests. Conidial fungi were sampled around C. odorata individuals in three forest areas in the municipality of Belém (Pará State, Brazil). A total of 104 species were identified, with 53 new records for the state of Pará, 46 first records for the Brazilian Amazon, including new records for Brazil (Cordana abramovii), for South America (Acarocybiopsis cubitaensis, Xylocladium claviforme) and for the Americas (Dactylaria biguttulata). A review of species of conidial fungi reported on C. odorata is provided, indicating its distribution in Brazil. For each new record in Brazil, South America and the Americas we present a description, illustrations, geographical distribution and taxonomic comments.</p></div>