Conflict in Mountainous Karabakh

2020-01-14T01:21:45Z (GMT) by Gia Mosashvili
Mountainous Karabakh is a regional conflict in the recent territory of Azerbaijan with the population of ethnic Armenians. It is a part of historical Karabakh and the reason why it had given autonomy, was to underline an ethnic factor of its population. All member states of the United Nations, beside Armenia, recognize Mountainous Karabakh as Azerbaijani territory with ethnic Armenian population. Mountainous Karabakh is a disputed territory between Azerbaijan and Armenia and both sides have their claims on this territory. Historical sources about Mountainous Karabakh are various and confusing. In 14th century, Safavid Empire gave autonomy-like status to Mountainous Karabakh and this status was retained during the next four centuries. Until 1991, Mountainous Karabakh was a little isolated region with aoutonomous oblast status within the Azerbaijan SSR. In 1992, Mountainous Karabakh declared itself as independent republic, which resulted in armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Conflict in Mountainous Karabakh is a clash of political ambitions. Positions of parties still exclude each other.
The scientific research ‘Conflict in Mountainous Karabakh’ is based on the qualitative research method and analyzes primary and secondary documents. It includes: introduction, main part, major research, conclusion and bibliography. Major research represents reasons of the conflict and the security dilemma: geographical factor, ethnographic factor, nationalism, Russia, ethnic affinity problem, different historical sources and economic factor. The last part of this work involves recommendations for the conflict resolution.