Concentrations of oxylipins.

<p>Presented are concentrations of selected prostanoids, 5-LOX, 12-LOX, 15-LOX, CYP4 and CYP2 products of ARA, EPA and DHA as well as 18-HEPE in (A) plasma, (B) brain and (C) colon in transgenic <i>fat-1</i> mice and wild type animals (WT-STD) on a sunflower oil based diet, as well as in wild type mice on the same diet enriched with EPA and DHA (WT-STD+n3) after 30 days of feeding. The lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) for the analyte is indicated in case it was not exceeded in >50% of the samples per group. Results of the statistical analyses for the comparison of oxylipins between the feeding groups after 30 days on the experimental diets are shown in <a href="" target="_blank">S8 Table</a>.</p>