Computer applications for painting

2018-03-07T22:19:56Z (GMT) by John Hopkins
<div>My M.A. proposal, and subsequent research, was to explore the viability of using the computer in the painting studio as an aid in producing paintings and drawings: Using the computer to generate, modify, develop and store images. Then, to employ the computer interactively during various' stages of the progress of a painting, to assist with decisions about colour, form and shape etc.</div><div><br></div><div>My intention was to use the computer primarily as a tool or a means to help in the production of paintings and drawings, not produce 'computer art' as such. Consequently, I was not concerned with the high end of computer systems and</div><div>programs, but with inexpensive equipment and programs compatible with the painting studio. Most of the programs I used were either free-ware or less than one hundred dollars.</div>