Task-oriented complex alignments on conference organisation

2018-02-20T14:39:33Z (GMT) by Elodie Thieblin
This archive contains two complex alignment sets between 5 ontologies of the OAEI conference track dataset : cmt, conference, confOf, edas and ekaw. <br><br>One alignment set is designed for <i>ontology merging.<br></i>The other alignment set is designed for <i>query rewriting.</i><br><br>The alignments were manually created tfollowing a methodology.<br><br>The dataset is structured as follow:<br><b><i>- Readme.md</i></b>: Readme file detailing the structure of the files <br><i><b>- Conference_track_ontologies</b></i>: The ontologies of the conference track dataset<br><i>- <b>Ontology_merging_alignments</b></i>: The alignments created in the purpose of ontology merging in 3 formats: First order logic (FOL), EDOAL and OWL axioms.<br><i>- <b>Query_rewriting_alignments</b>:</i> The alignments created in the purpose of query rewriting in 2 formats: FOL and EDOAL.<div>- <i>approaches_output.ods</i>: Output of 3 approaches on this dataset:<br> - <i>Ritze2009: </i>Ritze, D., Meilicke, C., Sváb-Zamazal, O., & Stuckenschmidt, H. (2009, October). A pattern-based ontology matching approach for detecting complex correspondences. In <i>ISWC Workshop on Ontology Matching, Chantilly (VA US)</i> (pp. 25-36).<br> - <i>Ritze 2010: </i>Ritze, D., Völker, J., Meilicke, C., & Sváb-Zamazal, O. (2010). Linguistic analysis for complex ontology matching. In <i>CEUR Workshop Proceedings</i> (Vol. 689, pp. Paper-1). RWTH.<br> - <i>Jiang2016: </i>Jiang, S., Lowd, D., Kafle, S., & Dou, D. (2016). Ontology matching with knowledge rules. In <i>Transactions on Large-Scale Data-and Knowledge-Centered Systems XXVIII</i> (pp. 75-95). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.<br><br><br><br></div>