Complex alignment dataset on conference organisation

2017-06-28T07:44:48Z (GMT) by Elodie Thieblin
This dataset presents exhaustive and coherent (1:n correspondences) alignments between 3 ontologies of the OAEI conference track dataset : cmt, conference and edas.<br><br>The alignments between these ontologies were manually created to ensure their exhaustivity.<br><br>The coherence of the alignments was verified by merging the ontologies pair-wise. The merged ontologies are available.<br><br>The dataset is structured as follow:<br><b><i>-</i></b>: Readme file detailing the structure of the files <br><i><b>- Conference_track_ontologies</b></i>: The ontologies of the conference track dataset<br><b><i>- EDOAL_alignments</i></b>: The alignments in EDOAL syntax (an extension of the Alignment Format)<br><i><b>- FOL_alignments:</b></i> The alignments in FOL syntax <br><i><b>- merged_ontologies: </b></i>merging axioms in OWL <br><br><br>