Comparison of transcriptional profiles for <i>Tlr2</i><sup>-/-</sup> and wild-type astrocytes during <i>T</i>. <i>gondii</i> infection.

<p>Upregulated (A, C, E) and downregulated (B, D, F) genes were identified as genes with 2-fold change and < 0.05 FDR in DESeq analysis comparing infected and uninfected cells. (A, B) Venn diagrams were created to compare DEGs with increased and decreased abundance between <i>Tlr2</i><sup>-/-</sup> and wild-type. (C, D) To explore the function of DEGs analyzed in the Venn diagram, GO term enrichment analysis was performed. Asterisks represent significant differences with <i>p</i> < 0.05 in Fisher’s exact test. (E, F) Expression of top 20 highly upregulated or downregulated TLR2-dependent genes. TLR2-dependent DEGs were ranked according to fold-changes between infected and uninfected wild-type. WT, wild-type; KO, <i>Tlr2</i><sup>-/-</sup>.</p>